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Tony Ruprecht

Tony Ruprecht


Tony Ruprecht served as a Minister of the Crown for Citizenship - Multiculturalism and was responsible for the Department of Disabled Persons. He was a Member of the Cabinet Committee on Health and Education for eight years.

He is known for his Guide Books to 70 diverse cultural communities (Fifth Edition – 2010) and two guide books on ‘Anti-Aging Emotions and Radiant health and Longevity,’ 2011.

For his dedication to educate the international community of how to gain Radiant Health, he has been recognized by hundreds of organizations and decorated with various medals by seven national governments. The Government of: Estonia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Cuba, Vietnam, and Canada.

In order to minimize negative influences on our health, we must get to know more about the effects of food, emotions and stress on our bodies and minds. Can we discover how the symptoms of old age can be delayed? Yes, for the first time in human history, we have substantial control over aging, we can age faster or slower. The switch to turn-on our bodies remarkable ability to protect itself against degenerative diseases may be found in our emotions. We need more research on:

  1. How cells communicate at the molecular level?
  2. How we can play an active part in the healing process?
  3. How we can experience potent, even dramatic improvement in our health?

Please get in touch with me; attend one of our public meetings where I will provide you with the road map to enjoy a life filled with vitality, energy and Radiant Health.



Tony Ruprecht

71 Springhurst Ave.

Toronto, ON M6K 1B5

E-mail: tonyruprecht@gmail.com


by Dr. Radut.