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Mission Statement


I. To provide leadership in anti-aging research and education, especially as it relates to the harmony of body, mind (emotion) and spirit.
II. To provide up-to-date health-enhancing information in order to promote vitality, longevity and improve the quality of life.

As we age, the body’s repair mechanism is weakened and then overwhelmed by the multiple attacks of various forms of toxins – from toxic foods, air, water, and just as important toxic thoughts and images. All these add to the causes of age related diseases and belong to the force of destruction.

To counterbalance these negatives we need to buttress the positives - prevention and the mechanism of repair – exercise, nutritious foods, deep sleep and healthy social and spiritual habits.

  1. We have gathered enough scientific evidence to conclude that our health is determined by about 30% DNA and 70% by what we do with our bodies. Such as: the foods we eat, the exercise and sleep patterns we develop, and the kinds of emotional thinking we allow our brains to process.
  2. We will present you with scientific evidence of the body-mind connection, which shows that every thought we have leaves a trace in your body. For example, a deeply embarrassing thought will leave a different trace than an erotic thought, but a trace nevertheless.
  3. I know you will enjoy our presentation which focuses on the three (3) distinct approaches to vigorous health discussed above: I. THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH,  II. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES  AND  III. EMOTIONS AND HEALTH.


The Anti-Aging Healing Arts Center is a non-profit research and educational organization 



by Dr. Radut.